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Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation Review

The Apple iPod Touch will the dream choice of MP3 player for anyone aspiring to own one. Having said that, it is not surprising that it is the best selling iPod in the current MP3 market. The iPod Touch is one of those magic gadgets that has it all, by doing best in playing MP3 [...]

Apple iPod Touch Third Generation Review

We are pretty sure that you do not want us to say you that the iPod Touch is awesome. Lot of people, lots of them, are darned enthused; about 25 million consumers just cannot be wrong. This is the third edition of the iPod Touch and it is actually not an easy task to review [...]

iPod Touch 16GB Review

iPod Touch 16GB Second Generation In the year 2007, Apple released a model of the three categories, the Classic, Nano and Touch. The first generation Touch was nothing but an iPhone without the phone capability. The Apple iPod touch 16GB second generation was released in the year 2008 with the inclusion of a lot of [...]