The Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud storage is a data storage system where digital data is stored in pools. The physical part of this is across numerous servers, which is normally owned by a professional hosting company. Cloud storage providers will be responsible for keeping the data up to date and accessible for others to use, whilst also maintaining and protecting it. Contact us today.


Many businesses will use some sort of cloud storage as it offers them many benefits.

1.   Flexibility

Having cloud based services is perfect for businesses that have a growing, or fluctuating demands from clients and shareholders. If yours needs are on the rise, it is easy to up-scale your capacity with your hosting company.  Find out about businesses.

The same applies if your needs decrease. The flexibility will depend solely on your business and how much capacity is needed.

2.   Disaster recovery

All businesses should have a budget for when things go wrong and you need to recover your data. However, for smaller businesses, this isn’t always something that they can account for. Having a cloud storage/system for your business will help you to save time, money and will help to keep your data intact.

3.   Work from any location

Even if you haven’t got an internet connection, you can still work with cloud computing. Many cloud solutions are now starting to offer mobile apps so you’re not restricted to what device you can use. See more about mobile app development in Birmingham.

Microsoft cloud specialists

Cloud Works is a Microsoft Partner for all things cloud computing. If you’re looking to expand your business, using Cloud Work’s expertise will help you do this. Expanding your business can only come in forms of success, but how do you do this?

Cloud Works has a team of migration specialists & cloud consultants who will help you improve communications and save money through cloud solutions. One way to reduce your costs is through The Enterprise Mobility Suite. Find out more.